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    I am in too for the resolution

  • Skaled

    Great suggestions here. I actually haven’t spent much time on Slideshare and will definitely check that out. Also, improving my very basic coding knowledge is up there on my resolution list. So much to do in 2014! Bring it on :)

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    Great stuff, Scott! I’d add Automate This by Christopher Steiner to the non-marketing book list. And thanks for the mention!

  • Jac Sinex

    Thank you for a quick helpful read. I am proud that I have addressed 6 of these already, including planning to attend the SXSW Interactive event this year (first time going to SXSW Interactive and looking forward to meeting some smart people).

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    Love these resolutions, Scott. Especially #4 & #10. What agile project management solutions do you recommend to pilot? What free or free trial platforms are available? Thanks!

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    I appreciate your article,You mentioned in first step that follow the new blogger I want to hats off to you. Its very simple to judge but very difficult to share such things. If we follow the new blogger then definitely as he gets hits you will also.

  • Jayden Chu

    Thanks for these tips. It is good to create new tasks for the new year. Doing so can help you analyze and see what works or what doesn’t.

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    I had heard about Google TV 2 years ago but never use the service but your article surely influences me to check out their service! Just another amazing product from Google Inc.