• John Coryat

    Remember the stand alone GPS device? We all had them a decade ago. Now who’s going to buy a device that all it can do is show a map and give directions? GoPro is in that class. It’s a single purpose device. I hope the founders sell their stock before it caves.

  • http://twitter.com/DeepuThomas_ Deepu Thomas

    A whole new market open and ready for innovation, can’t wait!

    Although, there are some downsides to Glass – How Glass Ruins Relationships http://youtu.be/Ysq5itvbKOE (Parody)

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.spencer.984991 John Spencer

    For the google glass enthusiasts check http://googleglassforums.org

  • http://twitter.com/johnelincoln John E Lincoln

    John, so you dont think Google Glass will be a hit? I agree Google stock is way too high right now…

  • Aaron Taggart

    The screen might be small, but since it is really close to your eye you might be surprised how (relatively) large the image will be. For instance, if you put a phone an inch away from your eye, the screen will appear larger than your computer monitor.

  • http://www.siliconvalleywatcher.com/ Tom Foremski
  • Alan

    I predict brain tumour lawsuits if they bring in the 3g/4g version.

  • james

    Google glass will belly flop, looks as pointless as clapper lights or Zune. no-body will want to wear them because they are as ugly as sin and your going to look silly using talk commands

  • http://twitter.com/feast0101 Kallol Das

    Google glass and its implication on other areas mainly social networking domain….http://techietalk0101.blogspot.in/2013/03/google-glass-and-its-implication-on.html?spref=fb

  • http://www.dekh.com/members/profile/13 Harsh Bawa

    The eye movement focused applications will be great. The pattern for eyes to follow based upon the applications will be a revolution as far as technology is concerned.

    Seo will definitely change as the way the listings will be displayed will change drastically and it will be very interesting to see how marketing companies adapt to it.

    The best part will be to see the competition between various social media sites if they plan to create something like this. I am sure facebook will definitely try to create something like this which can show the live feed of what the page owner is doing right now :D

  • http://sparkah.com/disqus RWK: disruptive tech/guerrilla

    the scary part is when you can integrate virtual with real… for example, a shoot-em up game where the zombies hide behind the real people you’re walking by. … there’s a whole scenario: http://zazzah-travel-shipping.blogspot.com/2005/08/320-from-nyc-to-london-cheap-airfare.html

    You’ll even be able to buy Big Macs IRL and have that purchase recharge your game character life force.

    Which would you buy? a whopper that doesn’t or a big mac that does give you more game points?

  • Al Navas


    C’mon, guys! You should know better than that!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/whazopadvertising Heather Pollard Kerr