• http://www.bloofusion.com Steven Graff

    These are all wonderful questions that will surely serve to guide development, but there are three questions I feel most site developers miss. While some may quibble that question #2 addresses my first two questions, I feel that “What is the purpose of the website?” is too nebulous and lets most site owners and site developers off the hook. I have learned to place these three questions at the top of my list: “What are the business goals of your site.” “What are the marketing communications objectives of your site.” “What does success look like and what are the associated KPIs that will be used to measure progress towards your goals.” I have found that much like a good creative brief moves design assessment from the subjective to the objective, a clear statement of goals and metrics provides an objective assessment of success.

  • http://www.mobilesmartwebsite.com Mobi Man

    So true about that creep… Most of the business websites are just dead ducks, collecting virtual cyber dust and grime.

  • http://www.alancharlesworth.eu/ Alan Charlesworth

    Excellent stuff – though I’m with Steven. Before anything else, ask the explicit question: ‘what is the key objective of the site?’

  • http://www.twitter.com/daveculbertson Dave Culbertson

    This is fantastic list. I’d make one change:

    99. Do you have a Google Analytics account?


    Do you have analytics? Can we get access to it?

    And make this question #3.

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