• Smallbiztrends

    Matt, I must be one of the last people on earth who likes My Yahoo — LOL. I notice it’s not on your list. Of course, I use a feedreader just to scan headlines and then I jump over an read the content on the originating site. My Yahoo works great for that limited purpose.

  • Thomas Ally

    FeedDemon imports the feeds from google reader but Nick Bradbury , the programmer of FeedDemon posted it was the end of FeedDemon at http://nick.typepad.com/blog/2013/03/the-end-of-feeddemon.html due to Google shutting down Google Reader

  • http://ariherzog.com/ Ari Herzog

    I’m a big fan of Feedly. having used it exclusively since the summer of 2008. I look at GR now and then but not to read, just to play with settings or to show other people. Glad to know they’re staying put with this Normandy project.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1329563553 April Wesson Driggers

    FeedDemon is shutting down as well…so 86 them from your list. They rely exclusively on GoogleReader.

  • Matt McGee

    Thx Thomas – just updated the article. Much appreciated.

  • http://twitter.com/rolio Rolio

    Rolio is an alternative to Google Reader which, in addition to RSS, also supports the integration of Facebook and Twitter into your timeline for real-time updates. Rolio also supports the importing of your Google Reader feeds.

  • http://www.yodelay.com Duncan Johnson

    Another feedly fan here. Got to say it is a joy to use on mobile.

    Feedly’s solution is so good I thought they were in position for a google buy out.

    Google Reader integration into G+ is a natural move however.

    1 ring (cough… circle) to bind them all.

  • http://twitter.com/skimrss Skimr

    Simple Google Reader alternative is Skimr – http://www.skimr.co

  • http://twitter.com/tomeklipski Tomek Lipski

    Another option is Daily Social – https://mydailysocial.info, which is free of charge at this moment.

    Daily Social not only connects to RSS, Twitter and Facebook feeds, but also picks most popular links using bit.ly and other metrics (e.g. number of retweets or likes) and then sends them straight to Readability or Pocket article readers, making news reading hassle-free.

    Number of articles sent can be adjusted by user on Settings page.

  • http://www.spadesmedia.com/ Jim Banks

    Reeder for Mac is the best reader for Mac users. Also good for iPad or iPhone users. http://reederapp.com/

  • shenfeng

    Another option is rssminer: http://rssminer.net/demo It’s free and open source. Hope it helps.

  • http://www.twitter.com/davezatz Dave Z

    Looks like Bloglines exists in name only and all feeds have been migrated to a Bloglines-branded portal powered by Netvibes.

  • http://www.twitter.com/davezatz Dave Z

    Reeder syncs via Google Reader. So they’ll need to create or leverage another backend for cross-platform/device usage.

  • http://twitter.com/TheBlkGuyFrmWrk X x

    Nope I still use My Yahoo as well, it was being mentioned as an alternative to iGoogle since it’s more than just a feed reader

  • http://twitter.com/onreact_com Tad Chef

    Bloglines = Netvibes now. Feedreader online is very basic, there is not even an OPML import.

    There are some other options:

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevingoerner Kevin Görner

    here is a huge list with 100 Google Reader alternatives for all operating systems + mobile readers + web based readers + email readers:


    the list should be in the article to give the users even more help.

  • Scott Blasingame


  • http://prettygraph.com/ Hrishi Mittal

    I made a detailed list of Google reader alternatives here – http://ginicharts.com/google-reader-alternatives

  • http://twitter.com/jason_clements Jason Clements

    gReader! I’ve always preferred this over Google Reader and they say they will still work after Google Reader is gone

  • Cherry GV

    Can you import your Google Reader feeds to Feedly and these will be saved there when Reader shuts down?

  • http://twitter.com/Breztech Shawn Brezny

    +1 My Yahoo

  • Egor Shilyaev

    QuiteRSS!!! =)

  • http://www.ronvanpeursem.com/ Ron VanPeursem

    So much new traffic to NewsBlur, they killed their free version. Premium only now. The demise of the G-reader is good news for some!

  • Max

    Yanobs Reader http://yanobs.com/reader is really great, as it is simple, without all this magazine hype that slows down browsing. Just try it!

  • http://nickkellet.com/ Nick Kellet

    Matt, here’s a crowdsourced list of 40+ alternatives to Google Reader. Feel free to vote/comment and suggest additions.


  • http://www.helpdeskbyadam.com/ Dice1976

    I’m adding one I didn’t see here… and very useful….


    The Old Reader, the ultimate social RSS reader. It’s just like the old google reader, only better. We’re in beta right now, but we’re constantly working on improvements and new features.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonimanolache Toni Manolache

    Google Reader IS NOT DEAD!

    http://SmashingReader.com is the alternative. The only one!

  • http://twitter.com/rolypoly rwitter

    Take a look at @ http://www.privateoss.com web based rss reader as an alternative to google reader.

  • http://www.longislandmarketingcompany.com/ Long Island Marketing Company

    We would love a more comprehensive review of the readers. We have used google reader for years and there are literally thousands of alternatives.

  • gneee

    so, newsblur is no longer free. nice.

  • Matt McGee

    I still see Free listed as an option on the home page, don’t you?

    But even if it’s not free, that could be a good thing. Free stuff is easy to kill. Just ask Google. Paid stuff usually lasts longer and continues to improve over time because there are customers on the other end of a transaction.

  • gneee

    if you try registering as free user it will ask for a credit card. It’s probably temporary though

  • LindenJC

    It doesn’t seem like a lot of effort was put into researching this article. FeedDemon does list the price on its FAQ page ($19.99) but also has a free version that lacks syncing and a few other tools some of us still don’t really need. And while it’s disappearing once Google Reader leaves, as a desktop app you can keep using it in perpetuity (assuming you don’t care about syncing). And believe it or not, some of us still don’t need to sync with every device we use. :)

  • Matt McGee

    Thx. I didn’t see a price anywhere on the site when I was working on the article.

  • http://blogsnewsreviews.com/ Astro Gremlin

    I don’t use RSS feeds but I make my blog available on feedburner. I heard it might be going away, too.

  • erem_app

    There is a new RSS reader app available at Google Play and Amazon App Store (iPhone/iPad version is coming soon). Its name is erem app http://www.erem-app.com

    You can import your Google Reader RSS Subscriptions into erem app to continue accessing your same feeds and to use erem app as your Google Reader alternative. Details are written on http://www.erem-app.com/how-to-import-google-reader-subscriptions/

    Currently, erem app supports 13 languages and presents RSS news sources from 28 countries.

    One interesting feature of erem app is you can define keywords (for politicians, celebrities, sport teams, etc.) and get notified when they appear in the RSS feeds you selected/entered.

    Disclaimer: I am a member of erem app team and we welcome your suggestions.

  • Marina

    I use bazqux reader. It has very siple interface and works really fast

  • http://twitter.com/FeedInboxx FeedInbox

    You should also try http://www.feedinbox.com as it is a very good alternative of google reader and has the support to import the feeds from google reader. Just try it out.

  • Damian

    I use FeedsLand

  • Serge P.

    Simple online reader

  • melissa denaud

    Maybe with marissa mayer on the board they’re going to improve the interface. in the meantime I’m surfing on http://eldonreader.com :) it’s really good!