• Marc Smith

    Hello! May I suggest having a look at the free and open NodeXL social media network analysis platform for the familiar Excel spreadsheet. NodeXL (http://nodexl.codeplex.com) connects to a variety of social media data sources and extracts networks. NodeXL can then automate the process of analysis, visualization, reporting and publication of insights into social media networks. Network metrics make it easy to find the people in key positions or roles in the network. Content analysis quickly summarizes the messages exchanged. Recent research created with the NodeXL application has revealed the variety of social media structures that form when people link to one another (http://pewinternet.org see: “Mapping Twitter topic networks”). Social media platforms vary widely, but all social media create social networks. NodeXL makes creating a social network map and report about as hard as making a pie chart.

  • Mike Lindsay

    Apparently the “what to do about it” chapter was left out of the publication. When can we expect to see that? .. because we already knew everything printed in this article

  • Kohki Yamaguchi

    Hi Mike, the proposed solutions are in the italicized sections. Here is the lowdown: solve scale and organizational challenges using technology. Segment the data to decrease unwanted diversity (variance) as much as possible. Use statistical or algorithmic modeling to reach an ROI estimate if absolutely necessary; otherwise settle for proxy metrics. Automate all of the above as much as possible so that you have time to actually analyze and strategize.