• http://www.postplanner.com/ Scott Ayres

    I would have included Post Planner! http://www.postplanner.com

  • http://www.SocialAna.com/ Ana Lucia Novak

    I use Hootsuite for overall day to day engagement, scheduling and curating content from various apps (trendspotrr, delicious, reddit); ViralTag to schedule PIns into my Pinterest boards, WordPress to blog directly from Hootsuite; Dlvr.it to publish content from my favorite feeds and allows me to select day, time, append hashtag and calls to action; curate content from Swayy, Everpost.co, Contentgems.
    I built a cohesive streamlined system so that I can spend quality time engaging online.
    I also measure and analyze using Tweroid for Twitter, Edgerankchecker for Facebook pages, Google Analytics; ManageFlitter to maintain twitter;
    As far as engsgement goes, partcipating on Tweetchats makes the best use of time on Twitter unless you use Twitter for customer service so TwitSpark is good tool for that; and I am addicted to google communities and enjoy Facebook page engagements. Pinterest is spent mostly on pinning, repinning and i am only in that site 2-3 times per week.
    Google Analytics reflect web traffic from twitter, facebook, linkedin and pinterest when I am consistent.
    Hootsuite makes it quite effective to engage in Linkedin groups daily.
    It is all about having a plan, scheduling the short term posts with calls to action, and deciding what the goals and objectives are when getting online.
    There are day to day stuff, weekly maintenance and monthly review of analytics.
    And be ok with imperfections. Things come up daily so be flexible and make it fun!

  • Amitesh Misra

    Not just that, I would include http://sociota.net as well… it offers almost all of these features under a single umbrella.

  • http://www.sociota.net Sociota

    thanks for mentioning ….. and it is true … we have put in a lot of effort to integrate as many features as we have. try it for your self… ask for a walk through or a free trial