• http://www.pimediaservices.com/ Mark Weyland

    I think people have been used to accessing social media website from their PC systems. Smartphones are comparatively newer. Moreover, different kinds of Mobile apps have been used by users since the time Smartphones came in the market.

    I fell by the time Social media apps and mobile-specific-website versions of these social media websites came in, users were already comfortable with access from PCs. But this trend is slowly moving towards mobiles and tablets now. Though it is moving at a lower pace, it will soon grow.

  • http://www.qnary.com/ Qnary

    Social media is a great way to reach your current and potential customers. Coupons and videos are a great way to drive more traffic to your social media pages, introduce your company and brand, and help you gain more followers.

  • http://www.HealthcareMarketingCOE.com/ Simon Sikorski MD

    This is an enormous opportunity in healthcare that only the big brands are really leveraging.

    For doctors … the only true ROI that 90% of doctors want – “Does that increase my patient volume for my expertise” – And that makes sense. Because in the long run social media is a highly effective educational tool that establishes a doctor’s reputation and expertise even before patients are looking for a doctor.

    That’s the founding principle behind RecoverNOW and HMCOE’s research.

  • Trevor

    88.48 to 121.18 is a 37% increase, not 58%. Where did you get that number?