• http://weborm.com/ George Iovchev

    Very refreshing to read these mobile and location based marketing predictions! They are correct, I’m sure! On the other side of the barrier (costumers’) It will be not very comfortable, I think. I see things like in a science-fiction movie!
    It will be the hell more and more for people: (data, tracking, messages…)!
    One day they will have to break down their mobile devices, or to become crazy!

  • Andy Newbom

    10 kick butt visionaries! agree with all of them (despite my normal contrarian nature!) Pretty proud to know a few of these brilliant savants

  • Deepika Mouli

    I agree with Tim Hayden. Data that improves context and aligns mobile marketing tactics to customer behavior should be utilized. Mobile marketing that focuses solely on technological developments and not on customer behaviors can’t succeed very far http://bit.ly/13Pekdk