• whatsa2

    Yes its far too vague…
    does he mean devices? then yearly shipments favour phones as its a 1-2 yr replacement. PCs/laptops and tablets to a lesser degree have very long life cycles. 4-5 yrs…
    Are people necessarily using PCs less or are they now spending more time online with mobile accessibility?
    It really does not say much … if you are interested in sales fine but installed base and usage (which is what a take-over is based on).

    If anything sms is the big loser here
    PC sales are flat
    And phones have really hit a wall in advances and soon to be easily and cheaply commoditized. I expect a drop off in sales as people keep their phones for longer as they did before the smartphone revolution.

  • symbolset

    Well if average revenue per user is 4x as high on iOS as on Android, and there are 4 to 5 x as many Androids sold, then they are about the same in gross revenue. Hurray! Competition!

  • symbolset

    Apple and Google have come out of nowhere in the last 7 years to give Microsoft a sound drubbing. Microsoft at only 13% share of computing sales? Amazing! No wonder Ballmer is a former CEO.

  • Dale Butterfield

    No. Google Android users in total are spending around half as much on apps on more than twice the user base, and hence app ARPU on Android is roughly a quarter of iOS.