• http://www.netspeaksolutions.com/ Stephen J Dow

    Please make your site responsive. Until it is responsive, I won’t be reading your articles on my smartphone.

  • http://www.monicawright.com Monica Wright

    Hi Stephen, this is something we are in fact working on, so I hope you’ll stick around until we get that up and running. Thanks for the feedback.

  • http://www.netspeaksolutions.com/ Stephen J Dow

    For you Monica, surely! THANKS for answering..

  • http://www.dealsformums.co.uk/ Dealsformums

    Good stuff. I’ve been telling clients for years that the subject line for an email can be the most important thing of all – a proper make or break. It doesn’t matter how good your creative is, if recipients are not seduced by a good subject line, you’ve lost them. I have a question though, are you using some sort of tracking to monitor deletes without opening or after opening? Or are you just making an assumption that if someone doesn’t open or click (i.e. engage with the email) they are simply deleting?

    And on the ‘forward’ angle, I’ve had exactly that experience (fortunately the Kohl one not JC Penney!). I got additional backup on the forward rate by looking at the massive hike in opens. In fact on one particular segment, the open rate meant more people opened the email than were actually sent one in the first place! Cool huh!

  • beezmak

    Which analytics platforms track the above data points?