• http://twitter.com/MasteringEmail Bob OHare

    Hi Hunter: You had exposure all day; no comments–my observation. Your idea? give value to connect; good. My idea? Master email communications, so you only spend precious time on good email like yours. My best, Bob

  • http://www.ads-marketing.co.uk/ Adam@ADS Marketing

    Great post and some good ideas. As marketers we have to put the customer first and think creative in order to keep customers on board. We have to keep thinking of new ideas every day and implement them.

  • http://twitter.com/hunterboyle Hunter Boyle

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the feedback. I like to pretend the lack of comments is because at the end of the article, readers opened their email editing software and made a couple of changes. ;-)

    We definitely agree on the value of making email more helpful, less annoying.

    Cheers — Hunter

  • http://twitter.com/hunterboyle Hunter Boyle

    Thanks for the comments, Adam. Absolutely right. If the customer isn’t first, what’s the point?

    Think of it this way: Who do you enjoy interacting with that always puts their own wants, needs and issues first and just never seems to really care about yours? Email got away with that for years, but social media has altered the way brands interact with audiences, and people are tired of being barraged by that approach. Thinking of ideas that resonate starts with really talking to our customers. Surprisingly simple, but easily overlooked, right?

    Cheers — Hunter

  • http://twitter.com/DatawindAakash3 DatawindAakash3

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  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal Smetana

    You wish they did. Well, I have to give you a credit, because – though I haven’t opened my email editing software – it at least made me think about the email strategies we are trying to pursue. Thanks for the great article, @twitter-20516191:disqus.

  • http://twitter.com/hunterboyle Hunter Boyle

    Ha ha, thanks Michal. I know the gap between intentions and actions can be pretty wide. That said, ideas like these are ready when you are — and the first one takes mere minutes to set up. Meanwhile, if this post made you think, that’s all I can ask for and I’m always gratified to hear it. I appreciate the feedback and wish you continued success with your email campaigns!

    Cheers — Hunter