• http://www.webmaxformance.com/ Igor Mateski

    Using media hype to piggyback your message is ok for a wide-shot client attraction. It’s a wide net, but by piggybacking, you also get tons of media zombies that only create noise on the net without offering any value. So it’s a double-edged sword, it can get you exposed to big shots, but it can also get you unfollowed for looking too spamy.

    #2 is a bit of a weird animal. You’d expect plenty of research to go in any purchase, but the bottom line is that people buy products that meet their emotional needs, it’s all about the emotion of ownership rather than a list of features products have. The emotion of owning a supreme gadget is what sells tons of iphones, rolexes, rolls royces etc.

    Point 3 is spot on. Completely agree with it. Actually, that is what landed me a great client who then brought in several other clients. I had a pitch for a free SEO Analysis a few years ago. He found the page on Google, signed up and this one guy opened up some great biz opportunities.