• http://agencemarketingmontreal.com/ Jason Mailley

    That’s basically the formula, I totally agree.

    BO: Your content suck… it bores the audience; seriously, all you are going to convert are the audience that absolutely need your products. Seriously, a lot of businesses should ask these questions to themselves:

    – Why would anyone prefer us over all the others selling a similar or the same products?
    – What do I sell? Do I sell a price tag? Commitment? Quality? Fast Service? Special features? AND: How important is it to my audience? What exactly matters to THEM?
    – Are my visitor aware of what we sell? (Not the products, but WHAT makes them choose you over your competitors).

    *Your website is not a business card. Your website is a salesman, if you feed him well he’ll sell your products 24/7 and serve all your visitors at once. Treat your website like your sales hero: sure it takes energy to build great content made for the audience, but the rewards are wonderful.”

    It’s sad, but most business don’t understand their best salesman… they treat him like a box that just need to be filled with something. Text is often copied from other material without much care about converting and interesting the audience.

    Start by asking yourself why your company exist, and why it should still be alive 5 years from now. Don’t do it while thinking of you, do it while thinking of your clients. What would make your business success matter TO YOUR CLIENT? Build yourself a strong mission, you’ll get a clearer vision on how to acquire customers.

    Only by doing that, you’ll address all the issues at once!

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    I always liked the question, “Why is the world better off because your business exists?” It makes you think more about the world (and the people in it) than your products and your company.

    Unexpected Formula #2: Your visitors don’t care about your company or its productcs.

    Thanks for the comment.

  • http://www.suncode.pl/ verpentor

    I love the word Melium – was it invented fully independently by you or inspired by name of Malaysian fashion designer http://www.melium.com ?

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    Melium is a combination of “Me” (as in “It’s all about Me”) and Helium, the inert gas that acts very much like hot air. I wonder how you pronounce the Malaysian “Melium”.

  • http://www.suncode.pl/ verpentor

    Meh – Lee – Yoom
    Meh (like sound in meh or in mentor) – Lee (like Bruce Lee) – Yoom (like you + M)

    btw Malaysian is quite similar to Indonesian and Google Translate has this reading / voice option for Indonesian (as well as pronounciation in many different languages)

    And last but not least: thanks for the answer :)

  • http://www.infiniteconversions.com/ Infinite Conversions

    Hi Brian,

    Informative article. I really like your structured, analytical approach to conversion rate testing.

    We typically ask ourselves a few qualitative questions when examining a website. Some of these include:

    Some Questions to think about:

    1)Do I think this (is) a real and good company — the kind I want to do
    business with, give my billing info to, etc.? Keep in mind, this is not
    because you tell them you are a real company, but more the
    impression you give with your site.

    2) Do I think they have what I need?

    3) Do I think they will deliver what I need reliably?

    4) Do I think they deliver on time?

    5) Is delivery/shipping free or inexpensive?

    6) If I have a problem, do I think it will be easy to deal with them to resolve my issue?

    7) Can I easily return something? Is it free?

    8) Do I think they have good/the best/reasonable pricing for the product or service I am seeking?

    9) Are they going to spam me if I give them my information?

    10) Does it seem that this site is secure? Will they treat my information securely?

    11) If clothing: Will this fit me?

    12) Will I like it?

    13) Do I need it?

    14) What do others have to say about this product or service?

    15) Can I try it out without committing?

    16)Do I need to do this now? This, as with many of these questions, may
    be thought about differently for different web sites. This may or may
    not be on your home page, but it may be in messaging throughout the
    sales process.

  • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

    This is a great checklist for optimization. You should expand on this and let us publish it on our blog.

    The challenge comes when you’ve answered all of these questions to the affirmative, and the potential buyer is just looking for a way to delay the purchase. This is when distractions, esp. Ar-gone is particularly heart-breaking.

  • http://www.infiniteconversions.com/ Infinite Conversions

    Sure, can we talk sometime about this? My email is Milad@infiniteconversions.com.