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    Good post Benny.

    I find this stat surprising: “…paid search still claims 40% of click share.” This should be enough to get anyone out of the mindset of only wanting organic traffic.

    I’m glad you included #4 also because it seems that sites that are well-optimized for conversion have great opportunity to also achieve organic results simply because user-engagement is a priority.

    Having worked with hundreds of clients in various industries, I’ve seen companies have greater success when they start with a “conversion focus” (PPC mentality), followed later by organic strategy. Yes it’s important to make sure that SEO functionality is in place but focusing on the conversion funnel first seems to always yield greater dividends in the end.

  • http://www.sbwebcenter.com/ Steve

    Art, that’s a bit out of context…

    1. That study was done specifically for one company, HP.
    2. 40% isn’t that surprising when you consider that people search for brands like HP or hewlett packard and just click on the very first listing they see which in most cases is the paid ad of the actual company.
    3. Paid search traffic is closer to 2 – 18% of overall click share, depending on the industry.

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    I once used paid search, but it was a very big failure. The reason was simple, my landing page was not optimized to it’s best level for the customers.

    The paid traffic can convert better if they are the qualified leads, but if they fail in their expectations then there is nothing gained but a bounced visit.

    The best way to work a strategy is to make sure, one gets at least the sale equaling at least twice the amount paid on the traffic. One can’t go with just one ad or inventory. There needs to be many experiments and tweaks in the process.

    Many will benefit from this post which I found on Kingged.

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    Hi Benny,

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