• http://jabusfield.com J. A. Busfield

    I appreciate the info about Latergramme and Iconosquare – I am definitely going to take some time testing both of those tools!

  • Dan Shure

    I had a client start using Instagram (in a high end product space) and they accumulated 18k followers in 3 months. They may a few sales from this effort too (which in their space, a few sales is huge). Trouble is, there was no traffic in analytics to show for it because Instagram traffic gets tracked as direct traffic by default. More here: http://www.evolvingseo.com/2014/04/23/instagram-traffic-attribution/ and some ways to overcome this.

    I’ll recommend some apps for editing;

    SnapSeed (like photoshop but an app, made by Google)
    Instasize (how you can combine, crop, size images)
    Mextures (cool texture like filters)
    VSCOcam (more color effects, filters, etc – fun to play with!)

  • http://website4all.net/ website4all.net

    I didn’t start Instagram for my business. After reading this article, I got better idea. Thank you