• http://www.appleoutsider.de/ AppleOutsider.de – Sebastian P

    I tried to share your link but because I care about ad-companies tracking my every move on the internet, Ghostery disabled all the neat “share” buttons you provided.

    Your article will remain forever unshared among computer savvy people.

    My condolences

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com/ Neil Ferree

    Simple 4 steps and useful @ the 30,000 foot view and its key to syndicate your content to your top socials with attention to detail on the “insight” you intro to your shared content as well as the imagery used and the CTA placement if approproiate

  • http://www.13thbeachdiywebassist.com.au/ Nigel Rawlins

    Hi Arnie,
    I agree with you on setting attainable goals. However for new sites it will take time to get noticed unless they have the time and means to do or pay for all the work to draw traffic.

    I think the issue is to see those goals in terms of a marketing campaign over a period of time across social media, their blog, press releases and off line marketing.

    Maybe a start up with a good product and marketing budget can spend towards such a goal. But for many micro businesses and small businesses this might be a long haul job.

  • Stefan Radu
  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “most people are not going to be passionate about the product you’re selling or the service you are offering”

    That’s a bitter pill to swallow but you have to embrace it. People don’t care about how awesome your product is, they want their lives to be better/easier. Your job is to connect your brand to their needs and wants.

  • Arnie Kuenn

    Totally agree Nigel. In fact, I would say for every business of every size this is a long haul job. We tell our clients that this is at least a 6 month ramp up, but they don’t always want to hear that. We are too used to instant gratification via traditional ads or even PPC. But if you want to “own rather than rent” you need to build the content and your social media over the long haul.

  • Spook SEO

    Great post. If you want to ascertain what kind of topics your community wants to talk about, looking at forums can help do the job. You just have to look for “hot threads” (that’s related to your niche of course) and make a post about it. The fact that that thread is “hot” is an indication that people are interested to hear about it. I hope this helps