• http://keithbloemendaal.me/ Keith Bloemendaal

    I am really surprised at that 40% adoption to Google Plus too! I really can’t believe how fast it is growing… would you have ever thought Twitter or Facebook would have anywhere close to 40% in less that a year??????????

  • Matt McGee

    That’s not really a fair comparison, though, Keith. Twitter and Facebook are their own entities. Google+ is part of one of the biggest and well-known/loved companies on the planet. You could argue that ANYTHING Google announces should pick up 40% adoption among marketers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aiden-Moor/100001939456401 Aiden Moor

    Ohh.. Google Plus is getting so much popular because it is a part of Google means product of Google. But Facebook has its own and unique identity so I think Facebook is growing more than it because as Google is so much popular then it will also get popularity but Facebook make its own place in social media market.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “There’s no sense throwing a lot of time and emergy into Google+ — or any
    social networking site — if your target audience isn’t there.”

    Great point. From my perspective, just about everyone I’ve connected with on Google+ is an Internet Marketing professional or tech person. I don’t know if it’s nearly as popular with the average consumer. However, I’ve taken the “it can’t hurt” approach. If my target audience does flock to Google+ in droves one day I want to be there.

  • http://jeffdownerbailbonds.com/ Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

    Well, my audience may not be there yet, but Google is and so am I. 

  • http://twitter.com/adrianoarwin Arwin Adriano

    I agree with you @indianapolis:disqus , like we have no choice but to love them.

  • http://divorcestatistics.org/ Lisa Levis

    Actually what I there is no argument b/n Facebook, Twitter and G+. It’s totally depends on us what we want to use.

  • rahul kumar

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