• Mike van Hoenselaar

    Interesting perspective. Interesting to see that a lot of (big) companies do this naturally. They don’t need the trend. They do it from a sharing is caring perspective. They already have a sharing knowledge culture.
    To provide help is the best I can describe it. In whatever way possible.

  • Elliot Suiter

    I wish i hadn’t but i did fall for the seventh wave. Nice addition to an interesting article. I think flipboard has done a fantastic job introducing ads into its business models. It’s extremely native and usually very on topic with its readership.

  • Guest

    Danny, great explanation of the how all of this comes together.

    But the reason marketers need to jump on the app train (soon) is simpler: mobile apps are stealing attention from the web.

    Apps today consume >80% of user attention on mobile devices, and that share of attention increasing. The mobile web gets the rest.

    So… if you care about reaching your audience on mobile devices – and in many countries the only digital channel available is smartphones – then you have little choice but to compete in the app economy.

    As a result of this attention shift, your traditional web-based content may soon start losing its punch.

    Content marketers should watch their markets’ use of mobile apps for signs of a tipping point.