• sharithurow

    Hi Jayson-

    I would not have read your article if I didn’t find the topic and the content interesting. So please first and foremost understand that.

    Regarding this quote:

    “Sites that frequently publish new blog posts and/or articles have 434 percent more indexed pages than those with static content.”

    A number without context is just a number. Data presented in the wrong context is probably inaccurate or outright wrong. This is an example of a study’s conclusion … a conclusion that is just plain “duh”!

    If you publish more content, Google (and other search engines) have more content to index. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy…a “duh” thing. Like the eye-tracking studies that show that Westerners read left-to-right, top-to-bottom….

    You might be surprised at how many of your customers DON’T want to read your blog.

    Context is QUEEN.

    I did like your article. That quote just hit a sore spot, that’s all.

  • http://www.bigupticksocial.com/ Meloney Hall

    These are very good guidelines. In short, everything we do in the way of our marketing social media activities must have a foundation of engagement to it. Today’s customers are more tech savvy and can quickly identify insincere and spammy attempts to convert them into buyers. Targeted and meaningful engagement is required now.

  • http://www.prosemedia.com/ Justin Belmont

    Great article! If you keep these goals in mind, your content marketing will be quite effective. Prose Media always has concrete goals in mind for our strategies. And your statistics about effective marketing were really informative – thanks!

  • http://metzmiranda.wordpress.com/ Metz

    This works so well for some businesses and doesn’t seem to
    do anything at all for others, but why? Because, they do not have an accurate
    and firm goal/s. So it’s totally time to move. By considering these 5 goals,
    you will see it is worth pursuing.

    Keeping in touch with your customers is to build trust and
    rapport with them.

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