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    Nice post Larry. I like your points about thought leadership which becomes obvious in the first few sentences of any article/post. It is one thing to be an individual leader that people follow because of industry knowledge and it is another thing to be the spokesperson that represents a company. In the later, the company is what matters and the voice is there to animate their beliefs and offerings. In this case the customer ultimately follows a brand that needs to integrate thought leadership.

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    the most important character of a thought leader is courage

  • Ola Agbaimoni

    I really enjoyed your post Larry. There is an industry teaching people how to become millionaires by becoming thought leaders as if it is something that you can acquire overnight. For the majority of people it takes years to build up a reputation and credibility. Writing a book that adds nothing to the discussion and shouting about it doesn’t make you a thought leader. Nice to hear a real thought leader pointing this out. Big Hugs :~D