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    Ad-Rotate. It’s free, it comes with widgets and shortcodes, you can use it with affiliate, AdSense; I even use it for announcements sometimes. Also track clicks, and if you sell direct ads, your advertisers can log in and get stats. I use it on all my sites.

  • http://100kBlueprint.com/ Michael Ullman

    Great stuff as always, Jennifer!

    Here’s one for you – though we use it on all our blogs, not just our affiliate marketing sites: “RSS Includes Pages” (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/rss-includes-pages/).

    Many bloggers don’t realize it, but WordPress does not include ‘Pages’ in it’s RSS feeds, only posts. “RSS Includes Pages” modifies the feeds so that your WordPress ‘Pages’ are included.

    Because ‘Pages’ are separate, static entities, we often use them as sales- and pre-sales pages – certainly something we want in our RSS feeds!

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    Great article…I like two of the ones you mentioned Pretty Link ( I use the Pro version) and P3 Profiler.

    A couple more WP Plugins I like include the Disqus Comment System (the one you are using here) and Google XML Sitemaps. They both help get the word out on your sites.

  • lucianapostol

    Affiliate links are best displayed in content, not in ads or something else. here is a free plugin so you can automatically add links: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-auto-affiliate-links/

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    How do I get these free links,

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    Nice post Jennifer… I haven’t begun my Amazon journey yet, but have book marked this page for future reference.

    Thanks again,



  • ChrisRJones

    Great post. Made a short recap of it on my own blog. I started using Pretty Link immediately myself.


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    Have you seen WP-Insert?