• http://www.twitter.com/johnstack John Stack

    Aaron, in most respects, you’re spot on! It is interesting to note your previous projection about Passbook. I think it was simply too much for devs and brands to take on. As a result, Instagram as well as other tools might be an easier lift for them.

    Wearables is just about mainstream as evidenced by all of the new products released at CES2014. I think most are missing something though – and that is working as a platform. Most of the newer wearables are too specialized.

    W/rt to mobile as the platform, yep. If you don’t have a responsive site or one in the works, you’re in trouble. Lots of testing is required to determine an order of battle. To me, this is a brand’s biggest challenge in making the leap to responsive.

    Organizations are going to have to work hard to understand and leverage location aware technologies within their stores. There aren’t many winning examples out there yet and early to market companies without a large platform haven’t done so well (in fact, there are a few examples of companies that have failed in this regard.) Both Apple and Android need to promote some excellent examples and soon. Personally, I think the biggest opportunity comes in the checkout aisle, followed by surprise or flash deals that encourage consumers to walk through the entire store.

    Just a random thought that might be interesting to see is a wearable that is issued to customers by brands as soon as they walk in the store. Now, that’s something I’d love to see!!! Can you imagine “Put this on and download our app for the best deals!” Keep the wearable when you leave and you can use it for this cool thing…

  • aaronstrout

    John – thanks for your comment. Good points. And agree, wearables handed to customer “in store” would be an interesting concept. Will have to keep an eye on that.

  • http://weborm.com/ George Iovchev

    As interested in the web marketing and advertising, classic SEO/SEM, I shouldn’t close my eyes in front of the rising mobile computing anymore!

  • http://www.readz.com/ Bart De Pelsmaeker

    Hey Aaron – so spot on. I bet you will get 5 out of 5 this year!
    I especially like this one: “Gone are the days of one size fits all websites, PDFs or white papers, etc. Here are the days of responsive design, parallax effects
    and “snackable” content that is now friendly to three screens (phone,
    tablet and laptop) and likely four (television) in the near future.”
    Of course, right? Coz that is exactly what we do at Readz : we make deep content like mags, brochures, annual reports, white papers responsive.

  • http://thepakistantv.blogspot.com/ naheem sultan

    this is a brand’s biggest challenge in making the leap to responsive.

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  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    There is an off chance that a big trend will be the rise of personal privacy concerns or perhaps a full on consumer revolt over personal data privacy/ownership. At what point does the average consumer realize they have a digital identity that impacts their lives in significant ways, yet they have no access to nor control over their own data that makes up that identity? That they have carelessly given it up to third parties for free this or that?

    The general public is murmuring about things they vaguely experience like re-targeting, geo aware apps and some sharing concerns on Facebook.. this is but a pittance compared to a fully “all connected things” world we are quickly approaching. If control over personal data is not addressed, eventually the consumer will connect the dots and we could see a serious backlash.

    Will they be burning their iPads and crushing their Google Glass’? NO WAY, but there will be watershed moment when winners and losers in the digital world will be quickly decided. NSA? Big Data influencing elections? Turned down for a Job, or loan due to social data? Who knows what the trigger point will be.

    Savvy businesses and politicians would be wise to get in front of this issue now and be the ones the public shifts to when they wake up and realize they have been acting like digital sheep.

    Digital Data Independence will be an emerging trend in 2014.