• Chris Hershberger

    Two quick notes.. In most cased retailers use promotion to drive traffic to the brick and mortar (4SQ seems to have it backwards) and I have seen reports that people prefer wallet content via email rather than in branded apps.

  • Heather Curtis

    I’m really excited about Yelp’s update because I am an active Yelp user and it can be frustrating to type out a review, while you are experiencing good or bad service, but then to be told you have to save and finish it on a laptop. This not only helps Yelp users, but also people using search engines on their mobile device. This article talks about how Yelp reviews and listings have a huge impact on a local business’ ability to show up high in mobile search results: http://www.theedesign.com/blog/2012/optimize-your-site-for-iphones-siri-local-searches

  • aaronstrout

    @chrishershberger:disqus – Thanks for the comment my man.

    I would look at my foursquare recommendation as being geared more toward smaller businesses where they don’t have resources/wherewithal to drive into their brick and mortar. As for content being delivered via e-mail vs. via a branded app, I agree in general. However, I think there are opportunities to either provide useful information (store locators, loyalty program updates, etc.) along with occasional product and/or holiday updates. To that end, I was just suggesting that it’s one more way to present your brand in front of your customer.

  • aaronstrout

    Thanks for the link @disqus_u3vDSJcxpo:disqus! And yes, I couldn’t agree more.

  • itniche

    It’s a good thing you wrote this article instead of me because I couldn’t come up with all this original content like you did. You are simply an incredible writer.

  • aaronstrout

    @itniche:disqus ha, that is kind of you. For me, I try and read a variety of articles as well as pay attention to a number of smart people on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ who keep me plugged in.