• allevate

    This technology has exceptional potential to transform client-engagement in retail, and can have benefit to both retailers and customers alike.

    Privacy considerations, however, may cause consternation to some. Key to minimising such concerns is to facilitate awareness and to ensure all parties realise a benefit, which Facedeals does nicely.

    Mechanisms of addressing privacy related issues with face recognition can be found here:


  • Steve_Lockstep

    Actually the way to minimise privacy “consternation” is to be more transparent. We really need a Facedeals Privacy Policy, that sets out what biometric data is collected, from where, and what is done with it. I’m especially interested to know what biometric data and metadata flows between Facebook and Facedeals. The data use policy of Facebook itself is silent on this kind of operation.

    New businesses like Facedeals need to be aware of the position adopted by EU regulators which in 2012 shut down Facebook’s photo tagging because it breached the law with regards to collection and use of biometric data without consent.

    If someone who has not consented to Facedeals walks into a Facedeals establishment and is photographed, exactly how much metadata is generated by the system as a matter of course, and what is done with it?