• http://hashimwarren.com/ Hashim Warren

    What about the current restriction on retargeting? You lose that ability if you move to UA.

    “Universal Analytics does not currently support the the dc.js JavaScript and related features (Remarketing, Google Display Network Impression Reporting, DoubleClick Campaign Manager Integration, and the Google Analytics Demographics and Interests Reports). If you use any of these features, upgrade to Universal Analytics after dc.js is supported.”


  • http://www.cardinalpath.com David Booth

    Hi Hashim, the official stance is that Google “is working hard to bring Universal Analytics up to full feature parity with traditional Google Analytics tracking, including the Display Advertising features (which all currently require the dc.js tracking code update). We understand that it unlocks quite a few of our most popular features with advertisers, and we plan to release it as soon as possible.” Hope this is helpful!

  • http://CyberCraftRobots.com/ CyberCraft Robots

    given the fact that I universal analytics STILL does not support demographics, it’s rather tempting to violated the foul language and disrespect standards of this blog. If only I knew who to target.