• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    I’d rather a client not have a social presence than create the basic profile pages and then walk away. This is, in some cases, the first chance you have to express your brand and personality to your audience. What does a blank page say about you?

  • Pat Grady

    Because I have some anti-social tendencies. And I’m a slave to ROI metrics.

  • http://www.ddmcd.com/ Dennis D. McDonald

    I’ve found that being honest with clients about the level of effort required to stay engaged helps them avoid these types of problems.

  • kkerski

    I agree. Social media or specific channels are not a fit for every company. And, if my client’s can’t work with me on the social media calendar and content then efforts and budget need to be used elsewhere.

  • http://bloggersideas.com/ jitendra vaswani

    Social media is useless if we do not engage regularly.