• Peter Freeman

    How about app users recommending an app to other users? I am not talking about a user rating an app and leaving a comment within an app store, but from phone to phone, user to user directly. How is this done? Surely THIS is the number 1 goal?

  • Gary Nichols

    Great article. In the past I have had some difficulty getting traction for my App. I have tried social media, but it just seems so crowded and no one wants to hear about your app over and over. My plan is to hit up some conferences in California this year – I am looking for some recommendations. So far the best one I have heard of is http://theappshow.org/ in San Diego. I want to get connected, and to figure out how to actually make some money off of my app and I think you can’t beat in person meetings.

  • Niraj Vishwakarma

    Maintaining loyal users is too important but at the same time too hard, it really require complete support for the customers. Nice marketing article though. I would like to recommend one more @ http://norafox.hubpages.com/hub/Simple-Tips-To-Remember-While-Marketing-Your-Mobile-App

  • Shaun

    Would you make a FB or Twitter page of the actual app or make one of the company that makes the apps?