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    I’ve had great results with Facebook marketing. I don’t know about the rest but it seems the more they fine tune their system the more effective my ads and posts become. It’s all about adapting. That is what makes this game so fun.

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    As everyone, I have found the number of meaningful connections we can make with our Facebook community continue to decrease. One way we are trying to combat this @SpinzoDotCom is with a greater reliance on Peer2Peer sharing where users are incentivized to share. Our #CrowdPricing model gives a concrete reason for a person to share within their community – a lower price on their purchase. Thus far we are finding this a better model to increase our FB reach.

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    i need help

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    This is reality and with a captive audience for now.. we need to pay to play… However I myself am getting sick of all the posts in my news feed I never asked for.. spam is what I call it and I might start reporting it as that. I have built my audience and fans based around my actual physical location… I run ads targeted to my fans who have LIKED my page..and if I run an ad outside of my LIKES I speak in Facebook language not selling…

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    or have an app from fb.me/page2app :)

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    I have success with posting regularly, sticking to varied content and running ads. All my client pages that have ads are blossoming.