• http://twitter.com/stepanfarkas Stepan Farkas

    Thank you very much for a great post Ratko! In my opinion there is currently one possible problem with RTB and that is lack of the premium inventory. Many publishers will only auction their remnant inventory and the top placements are saved for direct media buying. It’s still great way to be more cost effective, although it could be just a complimentary channel to boost the performance. Hopefully this will change soon…

  • Ratko Vidakovic

    You raise a great point. I personally don’t like the “premium” and “remnant” labels because of what they imply. It’s definitely something I plan on discussing deeper in a future article.

  • Ratko Vidakovic

    I agree. The consistency and volume of inventory available on the RTB side is really dependent on publisher adoption and acceptance. You are also spot on about them being complimentary channels. My next article will be outlining a specific strategy on how to do so.

  • Ryan Hupfer

    Hey Ratko, it’s great to finally read a post that gives great reasons for buying both direct and RTB and not just one or the other. There’s a time and place for both and having an easy way to find and buy both direct, guaranteed inventory from publishers as well as RTB isn’t as far away as most people think.

    Me and the rest of the team here are isocket are doing our best to solve the problem on the direct side of things and we think we have most of it figured out (although there’s still lots to learn).

    There are some real interesting things happening in the market right now. Advertisers (and the tools they use) continue to expect easy and efficient access to all types of inventory and publishers are starting to see real revenue coming through these new programmatic direct channels. Just how RTB brought a more efficient ad network into the world of advertising programmatic direct is doing the same for the old-fashioned manual process of buying directly from a publisher.

    I think the days of manual direct sales and spreadsheets are numbered and I don’t think too many people are going to be too upset about it. Easier and more efficient direct sales — coming soon to an ad tech stack near you. :)

  • Benny Rogers

    Great article and response to such a question I have been asked many times recently! Thankyou. This lends itself to the digital media suppliers in that, even they or some reps, struggle with simple explanation or response to such a question. Leaving a client or agency with A glossary of anagrams, abbreviations, codes and subtext to descibe/explain process and the different “organisms” of digital is neglecting the premise to decide or recommend RTB or direct approaches. an example on complication or simplified application

  • Eran Goldshmid

    Great article!

  • http://twitter.com/stepanfarkas Stepan Farkas

    By premium I meant whatever targeting works the best for the needs of the specific advertiser. Some placements work better for direct response campaigns, some work better for branding campaigns. By remnant inventory I mean inventory that publishers cannot sell directly so they push it through to RTB. So what could be premium for one advertiser doesn’t necessarily have to be for the other one. I work with couple of big media sellers that own post-check out placements that are on high-demand from direct response performance based advertisers and I don’t think these publishers would put these placements up for RTB sale…yet.

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