• Chris Elwell

    There’s a fine line between transparency and narcissism.
    Customers don’t care that you’ve had a bad quarter and your dog died. They want
    to know what you’re going to do for them… tomorrow and the day after that.

    Sure, come clean when you screw up, but it’s a mistake to
    think transparency is going to foster customer loyalty for brands that don’t
    earn it.

  • http://www.socialsinergy.com/ Adam Dukes

    Some excellent ideas and I need to start implement a few. I talk about the ‘wins’, but not much about the ‘loses’ or lessons learned :)

  • http://www.prosemedia.com/ Justin Belmont

    Great article, Joanna! I’m glad that you referenced Sinek’s TED talk, as it is incredibly informative and spot on. I agree that businesses should advertise their “why?” In this marketing age, consumers want to hear stories that engage them. Your “why?” page can do just that. It is important to tell potential customers why you decided to do what you do and that can best be told through a story. Being transparent is the first step to trust and telling your “why?” can get you there.