• Pat Grady

    Nice baseline understanding break down. This level is skipped too often, and when I talk to people, the foundational aspects of understanding the mechanisms at work, and their likelihood for success (for a given situation) have escaped analysis. I think you should double weight the Freshness row.

  • Andrei

    Hi Ratko,

    I’ve read your article with a great deal
    of interest, actually I got here because I’m trying to find out how RTB
    helps you to target the “right” audience. I understand the concepts
    behind RTB, what I don’t understand is how does the audience data gets
    flushed into the system.

    Shouldn’t there be an
    one-methodology-for-all-players involved? How can I, as an advertiser,
    buy via RTB only the audience consisted of males, over 25, over 100k
    income per year?

    Thanks in advance

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