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    Wow! That is really strong data for email marketing. I do agree that it is very important, but I didn’t realize how far ahead it was in the eyes of the customer. I’m surprised social media isn’t a little higher, but maybe most consumers prefer to use social media to talk to their favorite brands, not be talked at.

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    I have to agree. I just wrote a whole blog yesterday, lamenting on the fact that I can never decide where I want to go for lunch and that I wished I’d received a well-crafted email campaign to make the decision for me. After working out of the same office for over two years, I’m growing tired of my options!

  • Anonymous

    Fascinating responses… yet I notice a very important missing piece of information.

    This study only measures what people *say* they want… consciously.
    This wasn’t a study of direct marketing efforts which tested all these
    channels for *responsiveness* — i.e., what leads people to actually
    taking any actions in response to the marketing. There is an enormous
    and very important a difference between what people say they want, and
    what they respond to.

    Some would say this is the difference
    between the conscious mind, and the unconscious mind… and a lot of
    people do NOT know themselves or their own behavior very well (and yet,
    most of those people would say they do know themselves, even though we’d
    see clear differences between words and actions).

  • http://www.justinromack.com/ Justin Romack

    I think that’s a fantastic point, Jonathan. Definitely a valuable piece of the puzzle. I would say, piggybacking on that notion, the statistics shared here give brands that are just stepping into the digital arena a good place to start. We should always be testing – and keeping in the back of our minds that these, while probably fairly accurate, only represent a general consensus, and not necessarily that of my consumer base, though I would agree that email gets the job done for us.

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    Each person is different, and the only one.