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    phenomenal post, Jordan!

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    Brilliant Jordan!

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    Thanks, Brian! :)

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    Thanks a bunch, Paul! Hope all is well.

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    I loved the straightforward and honest tone. Brilliantly Done!!

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    brain_shutterstock_65181187 ? :) http://www.pinterest.com/pin/155374255869015591

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    I love this! Brilliant work Jordan. Re the branding, this is also taken up in The Ehrenberg-Bass study. They confirm what you say: as long as your video connects with the audience it won’t make any difference how much branding is in it. Some brands like to put it at the back of the video (like Red Bull) others like to put it at front – it’s all good!

  • Pallas Hupe Cotter

    Beautifully expressed. As a former broadcast journalist, we used these secrets – but the most delightful fact that you point out about social media is seeing these techniques used to spread good news and build community, and support causes as well as brands.

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    The brain is actually getting smaller, according to some brain scientists. :-)

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