• Sarah Schager

    LOL at Jesse Thomas’ photo!

  • Kat Athanasiades

    Great answers to these two important questions about infographics! I was disappointed, though, that there were no women in this group of eight (no, I’m not counting the cardboard cutout). Some data viz experts to contact might be Stephanie Evergreen (Evergreen Data), Cole Nussbaumer (Storytelling with Data, Google), or Naomi Robbins (Forbes). Links below.


  • http://twitter.com/dannyashton dannyashton

    Totally with Jesse on this one, it’s all about the users experience.

    If people care enough about the infographic to share it then it’s a great infographic. We have to be careful not to get snobby about particular design styles. Certain users like the funny animated lists whilst some users love complex data visualisations.

    I disagree with Mike that every great infographic needs to “re-evaluate your assumptions about how the world works.” Some infographics can be great if they just bring a smile to someone’s face and they share it with a friend.

    Great infographics are those that fulfil the needs of the audience they are aimed at.

  • http://twitter.com/BInfographics Best Infographics

    I love this quote, “Storytelling — infographics aren’t just another PowerPoint slide. It’s
    got to be a cohesive story and not just unrelated bullet points.” That is what is usually missing. So many facts and pretty pictures, but no real story.

  • http://twitter.com/ArnieK Arnie Kuenn

    Hi Kat – sorry it took me so long to reply, was on the road. Thanks for those suggestions. Just so you know, I posted on my social networks asking for Infographic experts and that’s how this group was selected. I thought the same thing — no women? But I will save these names for the future.

  • Kat Athanasiades

    Thanks Arnie!