• http://www.twitter.com/unmarketing unmarketing

    Forceful is a good word for it :) thanks for sharing my rant!

  • http://www.onqmarketing.com.au Quentin Aisbett

    Good post Leah..I would like to share a bad use of a QR code which I noticed just yesterday. How about this – An advertisement in the newspaper with a code and the message ‘scan to call’…As if we’re going to use our phone to scan to call when the phone actually calls. 

  • http://twitter.com/tomhindleyseo Tom Hindley

    Totally agree with the freeway biilboard idea as silly. Same with in-flight magazines.
    The ones I’ve created incorporate Analytics tracking that give an approximated location report – that way success in printed publications can measured. But location tracking would be useless on a single billboard or stationary sign like a shop window…

  • Leah Goodman

    Scott, I’m honored to have you comment. I love your rant, especially the bit you do where you’re trying to scan your phone with your phone. You mime it so well. After I posted it on my Facebook wall, several of my friends informed me of kitten deaths. I’m wondering if you agree that it’s ok to put a QR code in an email if clicking on the QR code takes you to the same place you’d get to by scanning it? And, btw, how did the whole belt buckle thing slip past you? There is no way that it’s ok to encourage people to take pictures of your… belt buckle. 

  • http://www.twitter.com/unmarketing unmarketing

    I’ve never seen the belt buckle!! But now I want to, just to put it in my talks :)
    Qr codes are ok in emails if they need to be printed for an event or something. Otherwise, why not just put the link?

  • http://twitter.com/Mindful_MKTG Mindful Marketing

    awesome article Leah, great suggestions on good usages and bad usages of QR codes.  and thanks for including a humorous video content in your article.  hopefully others will realize articles that are plain text are just that….PLAIN.  looking forward to more of your articles.  Payam @payamtehrani:twitter @mindful_mktg:twitter 

  • Jeff Nix

    Leah… I’ve shared this very good article with our friends at http://www.facebook.com/QuickResponseCode. Please feel free to post any of your QRC related writings with there on that page. Regards,
    Jeff Nix  http://www.facebook.com/QuickResponseCode

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    Leah….I’d like inform you about the Card Swapp App.  It is a QR code business card and address book.  


    Change your info and all of your contacts will receive the changes.
    Better than vCard.
    Better than mobile website.

  • Leah Goodman

    Sounds very cool! 

  • http://twitter.com/MontyLov MontyLov™

    Thank you for the video Scott. My team and I saw your video awhile back and it really helped us form our business and teach companies how to use QR codes properly. It’s amazing how many businesses simply want to use the codes for the wrong reasons, which I believe just discourages people from using QR Codes entirely. Sorry for the long response, but great video.  I would love your feedback on our codes http://Qrezy.com

  • Nor Hatika

    this article is great! i can use start to use QR codes easily generated by the given websites. I’ve seen a bad usage or QR code, it was printed on a newspaper but when scanned it just gave a static website and unclickable :(

  • http://twitter.com/kovlex Kovacs Levente

    Thanks for the insights. I recently read an article about QR codes being on a road to death, but i don’t agree with it. There will be other technologies which will make QR code use cases obsolete, but not the entire existence of QR codes.
    A good usage of QR codes for me is putting it on my biz cards. For one it’s a good conversation starter, and second it expands/enhances my card. I created a mobile friendly page with my profile, linked accounts (twitter, linkedIn, …), quick dial phone number, email, vCard download and my picture. It is presented in a responsive layout and looks good any screen.
    Basically the QR code is URL which points to my public page, so someone who is scanning it doesn’t need a native app for parsing the data. It works out of the box.
    If you’d like, check out http://qrcardmaker.com That’s the service i’m using.

  • mitchell murrow

    When you say, “Be sure to download the QR Code image to your computer and then upload
    it to your website, if desired, rather than depending upon the QR Code
    maker sites to host it for you. That way, if the site stops working,
    your QR code isn’t affected.”

    That simply means the image right? in other words, if i make some flyers with this qr code i just made, then Kaywa crashes and i haven’t saved it on my server, the code will still work but i will no longer have access to the image?
    or is it saying that if Kaywa crashes, the code will stop working unless it is saved in my server?

  • http://twitter.com/kovlex Kovacs Levente

    The code holds text. It could be a URL to your website. If you don’t save the image to your hard drive, you might need to re-generate it. If you print it onto the flyers they always gonna “mean” the same thing, the URL you entered when you created it.

  • mitchell murrow

    ok good, that’s what I was thinking. Thanks buddy!

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    It still depends heavily if the client is tech savyy and not many are in my niche unfortunetly. But that way of promotion is very interesting.

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    QR code are a high-class begin with the user. Billboard QR codes in Chinese suppliers are increasing. Whatever the purpose these computer deals or Printable are available and it is legitimate to use them, although it can alter the promotion analysis for which they were designed.

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