• http://bigvaluebigbusiness.com James Lynch

    Don’t you have to replace all the GA code with your TM container on every page?

  • http://www.cardinalpath.com David Booth

    You do, however, you would need to do that when you do the upgrade to UA anyway, for example. Choosing to switch to tag management would mean that the implementation of the TMS container/data layer will be the last time you need to rip out old code from the pages on your web properties (and even mobile apps) – a huge advantage in a rapidly changing environment where GA (and all your other tags) are bound to change again.

    Another advantage is that most GA implementations that go beyond the very, very basics have additional code embedded throughout the pages (events in onclick events, conditional custom variable/dimension/metrics setting, etc.), and these can be tough to track down long after they’ve been implemented. When all of these are handled as rules in a tag management system, you have a single place to see everything that’s going on and avoid all the issues that remnant code can create.


  • http://bigvaluebigbusiness.com James Lynch

    That does help David… Thank You!
    BTW – If one wanted to get up to speed with GA (again) and was looking for a course, paid or otherwise to work toward certification… would you have any suggestions? TY

  • http://www.cardinalpath.com David Booth

    Definitely James…

    Lynda.com’s GA Essential training was just re-released with all the updates:

    If you’re not a member, you can get 7 days free here:

    There’s live, instructor led GA training just about every week of the year somewhere (this used to be Google’s Seminars for Success program):

    And there’s Analytics Academy from Justin and the GA team:

    For really in-depth analytics training, Market Motive is a great option:

  • http://bigvaluebigbusiness.com James Lynch

    Wooohooo Thank you!

  • Jill

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