• Trevor Sumner

    I don’t see much about marketing. Just advertising and assuming all interactions are equal. Is this a media planner’s guide to the world?

  • Kohki Yamaguchi

    Touche, the metrics I used was from the paid media side. But most of the general conclusions and pointers should be applicable for all marketing case studies.

  • Jane

    Hi Kohki, I agree with your conclusion on Case studies. The pace at which things change in digital marketing is breakneck. The strategist is the number cruncher, the person who calls all the individual experts to account at the end of the month to see if they are increasing or reducing ROI. It is difficult to over-state the importance of this role.
    Reference:- http://www.dpfoc.com/australia/blog/successful-digital-marketing-is-like-beautiful-music

  • http://www.acewebacademy.com/ Acewebacademy

    It is extremely easy to get misled by so called
    case studies as you work
    on a marketing strategy- Mighty useful tips there.