• http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    “while their existing customers tend to connect with them on Facebook,
    it’s on Twitter that the brand is able to make connections with
    journalists and travel professionals.”

    Not every social network is going to attract the same audience, which is definitely something you need to account for. The very nature of Twitter makes it appeal to a different audience than Facebook. What kind of information are they looking for? Who are they? Where are they? What do they want to get out of their relationship with your brand? The more you understand your audience the better you can connect with them.

  • http://dragonsearchmarketing.com/ Ric Dragon

    So right, Nick… I thought it WAS interesting that for the Ritz, they’ve found this audience. In a larger way, I do find that Twitter has been a great tool for connecting with dispersed affinity groups, as opposed to groups of strong ties (existing customers, friends, and family).

  • Pat Grady

    I was recruited… once.

  • leeclemmer

    Hi there! In regards to “SAP is a global technology company that has over 5,300 employees”: this is actually false. SAP has over 60,000 employees ;)
    – Lee

  • dragonsearch

    Whoop! Thanks, Lee. I actually think I meant 53,000 which was the number Todd Wilms shared with me a year or so ago.