• Rae Hoffman

    Interesting – one thing you didn’t note though is how image choices for posts affect your ability to promote posts. I’ve had multiple instances now where FB’s “word acreage” rules ( https://www.facebook.com/help/468870969814641 ) they utilize for promoted photos have gotten a post I’ve attempted to promote denied for promotion due to violating the image guidelines with the *thumbnail* of the photo I used within the post that gets put along side it. So, folks need to be really careful that if they use an image within the post that “violates” those photo guidelines, they need to upload a thumbnail that falls within them if they plan to promote the post.

  • Greg Finn

    Great point Rae!

  • http://www.northsideseo.com/ Anthony D. Nelson

    Can’t stand the 20% rule.

  • Matt McGee
  • http://www.northsideseo.com/ Anthony D. Nelson

    Was referring to promoted posts, not cover photos. 20% rule is still there.

  • http://karenkaro.com/ Karen Karo

    Pictures do help engagement. Make sure they are interesting enough to catch the eye and peek the imagination.

    One question: How do you apply the og:image tag?

  • Rae Hoffman

    Yeah, ditto on Anthony – the rule still exists for promoting 1. photo posts (as in the photo is the primary content) and 2. the photo accompanying a promoted post as the thumbnail – which is ridiculous, because it only shows at about 100X100 anyway. :/