• http://twitter.com/XplusOne Michael


    Very interesting piece. We couldn’t agree more that
    personalized retargeting falls down when there is an over-reliance on it from a
    cost/performance standpoint, and as a result the critical upper funnel is
    under-served. That’s why we’ve put so much emphasis on using advanced
    reach/frequency analytics to reallocate impressions in order to make sure that
    spend on critical brand messaging at the top of the funnel is optimized, fueling
    gains in the entire purchase cycle.

    Leon Zemel
    Chief Analytics Officer

  • http://blog.summation.net Auren Hoffman

    Great Post Anthony.   Audience Match has the potential to be a very powerful product.   We put together some information on CRM Retargeting at http://CRMretargeting.com/

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