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    thanks for this article

  • shepiji

    “However, this change appears seems to make Gmail overly busy as Google+ is simply invading the screen, and they don’t need to.”

    Correct if I am wrong, this happens in an email regarding google+ *IF* you have “notifications sent to email” turned on.

    So gmail itself is not overly busy. Just an email, that you get if you have notifications turned on.

    and if users never turned on the feature then its fine. If they turned it on, then this will be useful to them. 

    This kind of smells like” let me jump on the google+ pushed down our throats bandwagon.

  • http://twitter.com/gregfinn Greg Finn

    Thanks Shepiji,

    It should be noted that its not a matter of “if they turned it on” really.  When a Google user is “upgraded” to a Google+ account they are given the following post settings are checked:
    Mentions me in a postShares a post with me directlyComments on a post I createdComments on a post after I comment on it
    So really this feature will be standard for all Gmail users as they are required to set up a Google+ account now:


    and the boxes are pre-checked to receive post notifications.

  • joshma

    His point stands, though. If you received an email notification earlier, you will still receive the same email now. Only now the email is supercharged and interactive.

    The argument that Google has email notifications on by default is a red herring and detracts from the discussion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmed.jjackson Ahmed Jjackson
  • shepiji

    Agreed My point still stands Greg.

    you stated :

    “However, this change appears seems to make Gmail overly busy as Google+ is simply invading the screen, and they don’t need to.”

    This feature doesn’t MAKE gmail overly busy. If you were receiving the alerts before, you are stil receiving alerts, just in a more useful way.

    That was a wrong statement, and actually your whole title is misleading and all it is linkbait.

    I expected more from marketing land. I hope you will be more upfront from now on, as I love most of the articles you guys write, as they are generally very informative.

    This however, has linkbait and lets jump on everyone else bandwagon written all over it.

    How about people start applauding google for actually coming with some innovative features, even if their social network is not doing as well (which I agree with it)

    I mean they are innovative enough that FB copied most of G+’s  features a few months ago.

    But once one of the “elite” bloggers starts making fun everyone else like to jump in or else they feel left out. It really is a shame, its like a club, everyone wants to be with the cool kids.