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    Thank you for this great post! I agree that increasing competition has made it difficult for companies to make their apps survive in the market. They need to be presented very well to the audience to bring out the appeal and desired results from it.

    The factors mentioned in the article speak a lot about the intensity of the competition existing. There is a need to promote the app, like any product would be marketed in different ways. Not only giving it popularity, but also a top-of-mind position among consumers is attained.

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    Promotion through social sharing is much difficult than paid
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    These are some great tips for App Marketing. Apps have some incredible Organic Growth Power, if all of the marketing is done properly.

    Apple has some really great resources available for developers too (and some really handy guidelines as well). From graphics of devices, Icons, Logos and more: https://developer.apple.com/appstore/resources/marketing/index.html

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