• http://rhogroupee.com/ Rosemary ONeill

    This is a great summary of best practices for managing a Twitter brand account (or heck, personal account). It’s so easy to stand out when you send a personal response rather than resorting to the evil auto DM.

  • http://dragonsearchmarketing.com/ Ric Dragon

    Hi Rosemary; thanks for the comment – and yes, I agree – auto DMs really suck the power out of the response. Funny thing – I think a lot of brands are concerned about the manpower necessary to respond to thousands of people… that it’s not scalable – and yet if you really consider the cost, it’s not unreasonable.

  • http://twitter.com/CarolLynnRivera Carol Lynn Rivera

    Really great advice and yet so hard to follow! Social marketing has become such a time-sucking monster. I attempt to follow up with new followers but they pour in so fast sometimes that there’s no way I can parse hundreds of profiles to say a meaningful hello to each person. And I don’t like auto DMs so it’s pretty much hit or miss. If a prominent journalist followed me I guarantee I’d notice…. in about six weeks!

    And I theoretically always reply to someone who mentions or engages me but I know there are times I’ve missed things and sometimes two weeks later I’ll see oh… that person asked me a question… argh!

    I like Tweetdeck mostly because I’ve been using it forever. Makes it a bit easier to sort of find people.

    For brands – serious brands – they really need a dedicated social media team. They can’t afford to miss customer interactions especially when every little slight is cause for vocal outrage.

    Did I mention great advice?!

  • http://dragonsearchmarketing.com/ Ric Dragon

    That’s probably why we felt the need to put it in a process – one thing when we’re doing for ourselves, another when for a client, eh?

    BTW, Carol Lynn, you crossing the great river and coming out to SMX in a couple of weeks? If so, be sure to tap me on the shoulder and say hi! & Thanks so much for weighing in.

  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    A simple thank you goes a long way in the twitter-sphere. I check in a few times daily to thank my rters. Good stuff here Ric thanks for sharing.