• rongraves

    Vine might well have tanked, but it’s clear from the graph that Instagram isn’t solely responsible.

  • http://www.koozai.com/ Lenka Istvanova

    Being honest I expected the Instagram Video to overtake Vine so it’s not such a surprise for me. I’ve downloaded and tried both of them and much prefer the Instagram Video – easy of use. However it will be interesting to see the stats again in a couple of weeks or so. Who knows there may be someone else joining the game.

  • http://www.timacheson.com/ Tim Acheson

    What was the effect on YouTube sharing on Facebook and Twitter?

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Instagram: “Mission accomplished”

  • Trevor Jacobson

    seems like a simple solution – twitter should integrate vine videos into its functionality the way Instagram did. Insta didn’t have to painstakingly build a whole separate audience through another standalone app.

  • http://pop-pr.blogspot.com Jeremy Pepper

    Could it also be explained that that was the week for finals for those in the quarter system? Would also explain the flat line for IG.

    Anecdotal evidence, at best, that it’s Instagram at play.

  • Donald McIntyre

    This indicates at least one success for Facebook after so many failures lately (Facebook Home, Poke, Graph Search, etc.) it is interesting it is not actually the Facebook platform where they are achieving new success, but on Instagram which operates separately.

  • http://www.jonnyross.com/ Jonny Ross

    Could that be why twitter sent an email campaign out this morning advertising vine!!! I guess so!

  • remytennant

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