• Sam Mazaheri

    I admire their caution with the gentle rollout of ad-like education spots. Given the native format and the high quality images brands will use, I doubt many users will mind when the real ads roll in.

  • John Savers

    Judging from the photographs and videos, as well as comments made on them, a substantial percent of users don’t appear to be too sophisticated or technically capable. Indeed, words such as “simple” and “crude” come to mind while observing comments. How long will an upscale approach last, given the audience reality. People who enjoy burlesque don’t typically enjoy grand opera and the art museum. There is an old monetary observation that “lower value coins drive out the higher from circulation.” I believe that it is only a matter of time before annoying ads muscle their way into the user sites. No one initiates a new ad machinery by declaring that it will be vulgar, crass and blaring.