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    ☒ I miss the old way.☁☂☀

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    Petitioning Google
    Switch Back To The Old Earnings Report System For Youtube (In Adsense)!

    Please join this campaign: http://chn.ge/15uA0lW

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    i don’t want to talk now let see around this 17 what happen , but now i look to my account get crazy money like the they want to pay us less. if like before April i will get around 1300$ but this updated i get only 940$ . so i hope in this 17 i will get more than 1300$

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  • gymnast46

    It took a lot of experimenting but I figured out a way to get real-time revenue reporting from Adsense. Not a 100% accurate but darn close. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X55k2URCz9Q