• Marilisa Kinney Sachteleben

    Adsense won’t monitize my health blog because I used male anatomical references in an article about epididymitis. Yet they show those creepy Evony game ads (basically cyber porn) on my KIDS games blog. You don’t dare say your blog is PG-13 because then you can’t run ads. Yet Google ads show really raunchy stuff. Grand hypocrisy.

  • http://www.RiskyBusinessTheMovie.com ShortsAndSandalsEnt

    I can’t run a YouTube ad because the trailer for my award-winning documentary film is “suggested”, even though the documentary is about the political and public health aspects of the adult film industry. You can see the “unacceptable” trailer at RiskyBusinessTheMovie d0t c0m

  • johnwooder

    why blame google what is the rest of the pack doing to improve the display ad environ. its bound to happen sooner than later . the display ads field will evolve much like tv advertising I presume