• Ken

    I find this funny. Hello World I am from Australia and I can understand American English and also have the Internet.

    The horse has bolted here, we are buying online massively! So much so that our brick and mortar retailers are asking the government to add our GST tax on purchases made online from overseas for less than $1000.

    So, things to note, we do frequent the internet, we speak english and we even read American sites such as this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mofeenster Morgan Feeney

    G’Day Cobber!

  • http://www.seoagencysydney.com.au/ virginia

    Whist I appreciate Scott’s strategy, the Aussies here are correct. We do have the internet and affiliates. However, the Australian market is being infiltrated by overseas companies that people do not trust. The Aussies are smart buyers who do not get caught up in pop up advertising or spam mail. It is a shame, as yes there are opportunities in OZ but tread carefully. The market is not saturated by any means, but consumers are already wary. It is all about customer service as it should be. Open to affiliate ideas though Scott.