• http://www.apnaahangout.com/ Arun Kallarackal

    I was not aware of the date of origin of affiliate marketing. After reading this article, I not only came to know some myths associated with affiliate marketing, but also learned some new facts too! The origin date busting part was informative, I must admit that.

    Regarding the myth stating affiliate marketing to be a dark act, I disagree with that. Of course, there may be individuals who make it a dark act. There are folks who resort to malpractices and high pressure tactics etc to rake in some extra revenue.

    But this can’t be said about the whole community of affiliate marketers. There are jolly good folks also doing the same work, th right way, who never compromise on their work ethics!

    I found the link to this post on Kingged. I really enjoyed reading this post!


  • Brad Waller

    Liane, thanks for doing the research and getting the start right. It’s so nice to read an article that does not assume Amazon started it all! As someone who was doing affiliate marketing before Amazon, congratulations!