• Rob Leathern

    I’d disagree with the notion that any of the mentioned vendors (Google, Adobe, IBM, Oracle, Chango) have complete platforms today – and ‘working towards’ those doesn’t mean it necessarily helps marketers to get it done today. We’re still a long way from having one stop marketing management/infrastructure software, unfortunately. Consolidation will help here, but agencies and tech vendors providing ‘integration’ or agency-like services are going to play an important role for a long time to come (for better or worse). Thus customers should still go with best of breed vendors for their specific needs, instead of larger vendors who claim to cover everything.

  • marcuscudd

    Exactly my sentiments. I hardly feel that the mentioned vendors have platforms ready to do all of this. It’s an admirable goal and will be happier when it’s accomplished, but experienced marketers understand where their best-of-breed vendors shine.